Reuse The Plank!

One great quality of Smoking Slices is that they can be REUSED! Unlike typical razor thin planks on the market which are usually only good for one grilling session, one Smoking Slice can be used several times over before discarding!  That being said, by no means does the slice look as pretty on the 4th or 5th cooking as a fresh one does right out of the package, but I am regularly getting 5-6 cookings out of a single slice before I discard it and replace it. And I have to say the flavor on the 4th, 5th, and 6th cookings are just as apparent as a fresh Slice! 


  1. Soak the Slice! I recommend giving the slice a nice soak before you decide to cook. Soak the Slice anywhere from 10-30 min. This will allow the wood to steam and smoke more on the grill, creating more flavor to be transferred into your food. 
  2. Try not to let the Smoking Slice become engulfed in flames! Remember you want little flame and as much smoke as possible. Unless you are charring the food a bit, I would try to keep a nice ember glow on the bottom side of the plank. That should give you the best heat/smoke ratio while maximizing the longevity of the plank.
  3. Keep water on standby! Always keep a spray bottle or a cup of water near you to control the areas that tend to catch flame quicker. All grills are different and tend to burn hotter in certain areas. If you see an unwanted flame arise on a certain area of the Smoking Slice, a quick spray of water will control the flame to have a nice even heat along the Slice.
  4. As soon as you are finished cooking, put the Smoking Slice out with water! I recommend using a spray bottle to put out the flames rather than a bucket of water. Spraying the slice seems to be easier on the structure of the wood rather than dunking it in a bucket of water (which might cause the wood to crack or break due to instant cooling)
  5. Keep it clean! After I douse the Smoking Slice and it has cooled, I usually spray the food side of the plank heavily with water, ridding it of leftover food particles and seasonings. Before the next grilling session, I like to flip the (food side) of the plank down on the grill with HIGH heat for about a minute to kill any bacteria that may be remaining on plank.  

There is a slight learning curve to cooking with Smoking Slices, however, it is not rocket science. It may take a couple of grilling sessions with Smoking Slices to really get it down, however, you will experience an incredible difference in flavor from your first "go at it!" Maintain a nice hot ember on the bottom of the Slice to have a nice smoke show and cook as if you normally would without it being there. This will allow you to get maximum amount of uses out of a single Slice!


Please feel free to comment on this blog post with any questions or concerns!


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